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5 Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

Dr Gerald George Mannikarote, Co-Host, SleepTech Talk

If you are in the sleep health industry you are often asked questions about sleep. One of the questions I often get asked is, “What are some tips to help me fall asleep?”. This article will address 5 tips to help you fall asleep through better sleep hygiene.

Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, please consult a licensed medical professional.

1. Establish a bed time routine

By establishing a bed time routine, you will be telling your brain and body that it is time to go to sleep. This would involve something like beginning the routine around the same time every night. Have a shower. Then maybe drink a glass of water. Then wash your face and brush your teeth ( and floss because your dentist said so). Finally read a page or two of a book or magazine. Then cut out the lights and go to sleep. The important thing here is to maintain the same order for the routine before turning out the lights.

2. Don’t exercise right before bed time

Daily exercise is important for health. At the same time, trying to get it in just before going to bed, could interfere with your sleep. Your heart rate may be elevated. You may have a feeling of a “pump” or stress on your muscles. You may also be quite stimulated and even energetic after the workout. These factors may interfere with your ability to fall or stay asleep.

3. Turn off the gadgets

It’s been said over and over again that gadgets such as tablets, laptops, and cell phones are over used by all of us. And I’m sure you’ve heard that you shouldn’t be using them in bed. But this point can’t be stressed enough. If you must use your gadgets, try to restrict usage by 30 minutes or more prior to your bed time routine.

4. Remove all the screens

You’ve removed your gadgets, but have you removed all the screens? One of the most popular pieces of “furniture” in the bedroom is a television. This should be removed from the bed room and not brought back in again.

5. Wind down with meditation

Another method that may improve your sleep hygiene is through meditation. There are many ways to do this- through prayer, silence, guided meditation, or even journaling. This may be something to consider to add to your bed time routine.

So there you go, 5 tips to improve your sleep hygiene. Try them out if you haven’t done so already. Do you have any tips that aren’t listed here? Share them in the comments. I’m sure there will be others that may benefit from them.

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